Colours of India

I was lucky enough recently, to spend some time in India, and what an amazing country it is. The atmosphere, the colours, the people. It was fantastic. Initially, not being a fan of either crowds or noise, I was a little apprehensive, but strangely neither turned out to be the slightest issue. Quite the opposite. The constant bibbing of the hundreds of auto rickshaws, combined with the complete lack of the ‘give way’ rule, was captivating!

Not one stressed person did I see, not one case of road rage did I witness. Hundreds upon hundreds of people on their way to somewhere, in more directions than you could ever imagine!

The food was to die for, their historical buildings breathtaking. The poverty was heartbreaking, and the rats were huge!

If you ever feel the need to get life into perspective, visit this amazing country and you’ll fall in love, just like I did.

I want to share some photos with you all, most of which are taken from a bumpy ole rickshaw whilst travelling from one place to another. I could have taken hundreds more but I was so busy taking in this amazing country…